About Us

In Lisa’s past life she was an international make-up artist–worked for all the big name cosmetic companies, traveled the world, styled the world and ultimately settled in San Francisco. She snuck in a stint at pastry school, and a short career as a pastry chef before realizing she didn’t want to lug 50 pound sacks of white flour around an industrial kitchen her whole life. At the moment she has chosen to focus on being a mom, cooking and baking using as little white flour and sugar as possible, in addition to maintaining a yoga practice that puts most people’s to shame!

In Tami’s past life, she was a student who was constantly told she could be anything she wanted. Taking this well meaning–if not hyperbolic–advice to heart she has yet to decide between being a photographer, baker, blogger, professional traveler, event planner, scientist or perpetual student. After graduate school she settled in Santa Cruz where she works in organic agriculture, making her small contributing to a sustainable food chain.
Contact Tami – treehgr @ me . com

Lisa and Tami love cooking together in Lisa’s gourmet kitchen–Lisa provides the professional expertise and correct terms for everything, while Tami provides the enthusiasm and photography equipment to capture all their successes and “experiments!”  They generally stick to the Nourishing Traditions style of nutrient dense foods, but more often than not they bust out cookies and desserts that would put diabetics in a coma just from smelling the aromas! They justify their indiscretions with: “you only live once, you can’t be too good!”