Smoked Salmon Cucumber Rounds


No special tools required
Serves 4 as a light snack, or 2 for lunch


Smoked salmon
1 cucumber
4 hardboiled egg yolks (Trader Joes sells peeled hardboiled eggs, making this super easy)
1 lemon, zest and juice
Salt to taste
Dill for garnish


Slice cucumber into quarter-inch rounds.
In a small bowl, mash egg yolks and add the lemon zest.
Add lemon juice until you reach a smooth (but not watery) consistency – like deviled eggs.
Add salt to taste.
You can either spoon this mixture directly onto the cucumber rounds, or put the mixture in a pastry bag (or plastic bag with one corner cut) for a tidier approach.
Top with rolls of smoked salmon and dill.
Service with cucumber water for an extra refreshing midday snack.

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