Burritos & Wraps

It’s 5:45 on a Wednesday. You’re tired. You just got home from work. And you don’t really want to cook. You had take out yesterday. You don’t really want to go out… so where does that leave you? Well, if you have homemade burritos prepped and waiting for you in the freezer that leaves you ready for a super easy, super delicious dinner in!

We prep these burritos by the dozen… chicken, veggie, and our newest discovery… lamb wraps!


tortilla or wrap of choice

Veggie Ingredients:

bell peppers, sautéed
zucchini, sautéed
onions, sautéed
brown rice, cooked
lime, for squeezing over brown rice
grated cheese
cooked beans of your choice (we love black beans!)

Chicken Ingredients:

cooked, shredded chicken
brown rice, cooked
lime, for squeezing over rice
shredded cheese
any veggies you want to add in
any beans you want to add in

Lamb Wraps:

lamb meatballs
moist quinoa
shredded monterey jack


gather all your ingredients
assemble burritos/wraps in desired ratios
wrap in foil

once fully frozen, unwrap, and heat in microwave in 1-2 minute increments until hot
serve burritos with sour cream, salsa, guacamole and chips!
we add goat cheese or feta to the lamb wraps after they have been heated up!

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